10 Apr 2019

The Charlee and the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin have in common the contemporary style and the predilection for the avant-garde spaces and styles.

For this and other reasons the MAMM is a place you can not stop visiting when you stay at our Hotel.

The Medellín Museum of Modern Art was founded in 1978 by a group of artists of the so-called “urban generation” mainstream, consisting mainly of architects and entrepreneurs, with the purpose of promoting modern and contemporary art in the population Antioquia.

The MAMM is a reference of the urban and modern art in Medellín; It is a meeting place, knowledge and contemporary and diverse artistic and cultural expressions.

Since its inception in 1978, the museum was based in the Carlos E. Restrepo neighborhood. There were made emblematic events such as the first Colloquium and art show No object in 1981, and the art salons Arturo and Rebeca Rabinovich between 1981 and 2003.

In 2009, in recognition of almost 30 years of activity, the mayor’s office of Medellín awarded to the MAMM the building Talleres Robledo, Old steel Mill of 1938, located in city of the river, one of the industrial zones of the south of Medellin and converted today in an urban center of the capital Paisa.

In 2015, after two years of construction, the MAMM expansion was opened to the public, an enlargement not only physical but of contents and scope and a commitment to the cultural development of the city and the country.

Representative exhibitions.

The exhibitions of the MAMM are classified in current, past and future, and has permanent collections such as the Contrarrelates, among others.

The MAMM also has a wide range of programs: music, cinema, workshops, lectures and courses. It is a place that you can not miss to visit in Medellin.


10 Apr 2019

The Charlee invites you to know the memory of Medellín through the route of Graffiti.

tour that will take you through some of the places that experienced the largest volume of urban violence in Latin America, such as commune 13, which today lives a revival.

The Medellin Graffiti Tour has within its tour the visit to emblematic murals of artists of the commune 13, Sector of the City that was catalogued in the past as one of the most dangerous urban zones of the world by the conflict that developed.

There between armed groups of the FARC guerrillas and the United self-defense of Colombia who embarked on an urban dispute over the control of the territory.

At present this area of Medellín lives a time of transition in which organizations of the civil society, with the leadership of artists and musicians, develop projects that have revitalized this community by means of artistic expressions, sports and social participation and coexistence.

This tour offers a very realistic view of the city through the optical of urban art. An exercise of historical memory developed by the artists of the communities that have suffered decades of mafia and criminal violence.

The current conditions of security of the city, and of this zone in particular, facilitate the visit of local and foreign tourists that want to know firsthand the truth embodied in the aerosol of the graffiti.


The Graffiti tour of Medellín has as main protagonists to the artists of Casa Kolacho, creators of more than 90n% of Graphites in this communeof Medellín and promoters of peace through education, hip hop music, Graffiti, breakdance and the acetates.


10 Apr 2019

Colombia is known worldwide as the country that produces the world’s highest quality coffee.

That’s why Medellín, one of the closest capitals to the main production areas, becomes a privileged place for the ardent fans of this coveted beverage.

The Charlee Hotel invites tourists from all over the world to enjoy all the goodness that Medellín has, and in an even more special way of the wide offer of the world’s best coffee that is produced in this land. The hotel itself counts with the resources and areas to enjoy a good coffee as well as the whole city.

In Medellín you can find recognized and international brands such as Starbucks, MacDonald’s and Juan Valdez, as well as the most traditional and award-winning local coffee shops. One of them, located close to The Charlee Hotel, was recognized in the year 2012, according to the Sprudgie Awards, as the world’s best new coffee shop.

The Colombian tradition to produce and consume high quality coffee has turned Medellín into one of the main cities for coffee tourism. That is because of the facility that the stores that commercialize this product have to access close production areas.

The high quality of Colombian coffee is produced as a result of a mixture of factors that favor its cultivation and production, among these factors are the latitude and altitude of the ground, as well as its weather, its lands, the topography, the luminosity, the temperature and the cultural processes of selective harvesting of grain. The combination of these factors results in a coffee that is soft, balanced, and of excellent quality.

Welcome to The Charlee Hotel, welcome to the capital of the best coffee that is produced in the world. One more reason to visit us, another reason to get to know and enjoy Medellín.


10 Apr 2019

The official figures of the Charlee Hotel show that more than 90% of its clients are foreigners who find in Medellin the ideal destination for their purposes about business, entertainment and enjoyment of their free time. That’s why the philosophy of the hotel is focused on the connection of visitors with the people from Medellin and their culture.

Lucas Rey, COO of Charlee brand states: “we feel they need to interact with the local. So we create spaces and events inside of the hotel to achieve this synergy.”


Some of the spaces that the hotel has for the interaction of foreigners and people from Medellin is the gym, which is frequented daily by more than 200 people and it constitutes in a meeting place of different cultures. In the same way, the restaurants, with a wide gastronomic offer, offer a varied menu with delicious local and international plates to satisfy the palate of the visitors.


The key of the Charlee to convoke such a high percentage of its customers abroad lies in different aspects, including personalized attention that every user receives and the modern and photogenic concept of its design.

The Charlee Hotel is already a reference in the connection of the foreigners with Medellin and in the interaction of its inhabitants with the visitors.