The Charlee invites you to know the memory of Medellín through the route of Graffiti.

tour that will take you through some of the places that experienced the largest volume of urban violence in Latin America, such as commune 13, which today lives a revival.

The Medellin Graffiti Tour has within its tour the visit to emblematic murals of artists of the commune 13, Sector of the City that was catalogued in the past as one of the most dangerous urban zones of the world by the conflict that developed.

There between armed groups of the FARC guerrillas and the United self-defense of Colombia who embarked on an urban dispute over the control of the territory.

At present this area of Medellín lives a time of transition in which organizations of the civil society, with the leadership of artists and musicians, develop projects that have revitalized this community by means of artistic expressions, sports and social participation and coexistence.

This tour offers a very realistic view of the city through the optical of urban art. An exercise of historical memory developed by the artists of the communities that have suffered decades of mafia and criminal violence.

The current conditions of security of the city, and of this zone in particular, facilitate the visit of local and foreign tourists that want to know firsthand the truth embodied in the aerosol of the graffiti.


The Graffiti tour of Medellín has as main protagonists to the artists of Casa Kolacho, creators of more than 90n% of Graphites in this communeof Medellín and promoters of peace through education, hip hop music, Graffiti, breakdance and the acetates.