The Charlee and the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin have in common the contemporary style and the predilection for the avant-garde spaces and styles.

For this and other reasons the MAMM is a place you can not stop visiting when you stay at our Hotel.

The Medellín Museum of Modern Art was founded in 1978 by a group of artists of the so-called “urban generation” mainstream, consisting mainly of architects and entrepreneurs, with the purpose of promoting modern and contemporary art in the population Antioquia.

The MAMM is a reference of the urban and modern art in Medellín; It is a meeting place, knowledge and contemporary and diverse artistic and cultural expressions.

Since its inception in 1978, the museum was based in the Carlos E. Restrepo neighborhood. There were made emblematic events such as the first Colloquium and art show No object in 1981, and the art salons Arturo and Rebeca Rabinovich between 1981 and 2003.

In 2009, in recognition of almost 30 years of activity, the mayor’s office of Medellín awarded to the MAMM the building Talleres Robledo, Old steel Mill of 1938, located in city of the river, one of the industrial zones of the south of Medellin and converted today in an urban center of the capital Paisa.

In 2015, after two years of construction, the MAMM expansion was opened to the public, an enlargement not only physical but of contents and scope and a commitment to the cultural development of the city and the country.

Representative exhibitions.

The exhibitions of the MAMM are classified in current, past and future, and has permanent collections such as the Contrarrelates, among others.

The MAMM also has a wide range of programs: music, cinema, workshops, lectures and courses. It is a place that you can not miss to visit in Medellin.